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Fingerprint System Consultants / Consulting


Fingerprint System Consulting

With extensive fingerprint system consulting experience, East Shore Technologies consultants assist integrators in developing forensic and civil fingerprint identification systems and assists purchasers in developing appropriate purchase criteria and making wise purchase decisions.

Fingerprint System ConsultantsThe fingerprint system consulting team has forensic fingerprint identification systems experience dating back to 1968, with civil fingerprint identification system experience starting in 1990.  That experience is from a number of perspectives, those being: as system users, system developers, system integrators and system consultants.  The experience spans the gamut of fingerprint identification system development from the design and implementation of image processing, encoding and matching algorithms through to the design and implementation of complete systems using either or both scanned and inked finger impressions. Our consulting experience is heavily weighted in systems design and development with proposal preparation and RFP expertise being natural by-product services. The expertise covers both scanned image civil identification systems and criminal justice ten print and forensic latent mark fingerprint systems.

The East Shore fingerprint consulting staff employs their diverse experience and skills to help potential system users evaluate systems and help system integrators design, develop and integrate custom and product oriented fingerprint identification and verification systems. East Shore consultants play a vital role in providing important knowledge and expertise to both potential user and vendor clients.


East Shore's consulting services cover primarily the criminal justice / forensic and the civil identification system environments. Expertise is provided with respect to: Team Consulting

  • system functional, technical and operational requirements
  • user interactive needs / requirements
  • accurate algorithm suites
  • algorithm and product evaluation / testing
  • system performance characteristics / testing
  • system design / architecture
  • applicable technology assessment / review
  • RFP and proposal preparations
  • marketing and presentations

East Shore prides itself in providing the consultant services of competent and objective fingerprint identification system professionals. We encourage you to let us know your interests and the application environment. Let us know how we may service your needs. As desired or applicable, we will provide a partial listing of related credentials to give you a glimpse of the diversity of our background and experience.


East Shore's staff has experience which spans all aspects of this industry, ranging from forensic systems (criminal justice) to scanned finger civil identification systems. The scope of our activities is broad. It is however, limited to fingerprint identification systems. Objectivity is an essential element in the work effort we put forth for any given customer. If you're in the fingerprint identification marketplace and would like to improve your position, or if you're contemplating entering the area, it would be worth your time and effort to discuss it with us.

If you're a potential user, don't be confused with market hype. Prepare an RFP that best suits your needs. Include requirements for efficient integration. Test accuracy before you buy. If you can use assistance, contact us.


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Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif Automated Fingerprint Identification System gif